TruthBeTold Ministry publishes digital Bibles in the e-pub format targeting many different languages world-wide. We currently have publications in Thai, English, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Chinese, Telugu, Tamil & French and more. This webpage was built for current and new translators and here we will try our best to describe the process of how to translate our texts from English to a second language.

Upcoming translations we need help with are Nynorsk, Czech, Latin, Icelandic, Korean, and Vietnamese.

The translation itself should take 6-12 hours depending on the translator, but with all extras the hours can surely double if the details on this website is poorly understood or the candidate does not have a good understanding in translating texts with parameters and xhtml-tags. With that being said, we are always willing to help our translators in any way possible, but we expect them to carefully read through these webpages. The translator are not allowed to use any third-parties on the translation unless this is agreed upon, neither shall Google Translate or any similar services be used for any parts of the translations.

We usually hire translators through platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr.

If you are in the process of or have acquired a translation-job from us, we want to say thank you! So if that is the case, please go to the prerequisites page for more information.

If you are a translator and want to work for us please go to the contact page and get in contact with us! We want to hear from you :-)

TruthBeTold Ministry, Norway