Actual Feedback

Feedback from the Polish Translator

It was a pleasure to participate in this project due to its Author’s willingness to explain everything from the general concept to particular sentences and code sequences. I appreciate his helpfulness and kindness, as well as the fact that he patiently explained some technical issues to me.

Thanks to this project I had an opportunity to start using Atom editor, which is a versatile and useful tool.

As for translation itself, the difficulty of this task will vary from language to language due to the necessity to adjust the target text to the code. Polish is peculiar for its inflection, style, and syntax. It was sometimes necessary to produce a second version of some sentences after viewing the initial version in the epub file.

As I edited and translated the files I found that paraphrase is sometimes necessary – as long as the sense is the same and the code is not altered, the translator may need to find the most suitable phrases and terms in the target language that are not necessarily the closest synonyms. Following the source text word for word may render the target text awkward and far from stylistically adequate. Before introducing such changes, however, it is best to discuss them with Mr Halseth, who can elaborate on his intentions behind particular phrases.